One way to find a funeral home.

At our hospital, chaplains are the people with the responsibility and opportunity to ask families what funeral home they will be using for their loved one. It’s a difficult time, […]

Resource: Humanitarian Disaster Institute.

The Humanitarian Disaster Institute provides incredibly helpful, practical resources for people who are helping with disaster relief. It was founded by Dr. Jamie Aten, a disaster physiologist at Wheaton College. Jamie […]

Can my loved one hear me?

In the last hours and minutes of people’s lives, laying in hospital and hospice beds, we often hear the question, “Can they hear us?” Chaplains and nurses often say, “Yes. […]

Resource: Suffering with

Cynthia B Eriksson starts her article Suffering With: A Tender Journey of Mutuality in Suffering, Comfort, and Joy with words that capture the experience of people who walk through pain […]