About SocialMediaChaplain.com

Here’s what’s true about life: Awful and confusing things happen suddenly to normal people.

And then other normal people are called to walked into the pain and offer order and meaning and calm.

That’s hard, And there is always a first time to face these moments.

That’s why we’re here. To give friends, pastors, chaplains, healthcare workers, and others offering spiritual care the first steps and next steps in caring.


We aren’t sitting in the same room at the same time. However, I do have a cup of coffee as I write this…and I would offer you one, too.

People talk to chaplains when they are at decision points or crisis points or just need an ear. I decided one day that I’m a social media chaplain.

I’m out of my office right now, but I can offer you some of the things I have said to other people over the past few years. Maybe you can find something helpful here.

And if I can help you more, send me a note at jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com.




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