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Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt

In 2017, Patrick Riecke started working on his second book, which was about talking with sick, dying, and grieving people. It was clear to him that this wasn’t going to be one book about faith and doubt, sickness and grief. His experience as a pastor and chaplain and leader and grieving father told him that this needed to be the first in a series of resources. 

There are now six books in the series. Each book is practical and honest, with explanations and resources based in personal and professional experience.

  1. Patrick Riecke, How To Talk With Sick, Dying, and Grieving People: When There are No Magic Words to Say (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 1).
  2. Patrick Riecke, How to Find Meaning in Your Life Before it Ends (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 2)
  3. Jon Swanson, Giving a Life Meaning: How to Lead Funerals, Memorial Services, and Celebrations of Life. (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 3)
  4. Kristin Riecke and Patrick Riecke, No Matter How Small: Understanding Miscarriage and Stillbirth (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 4)
  5. Jon Swanson, God. We Need You”: A Year of Prayer in a Hospital Chapel. (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 5)
  6. Jon Swanson, This is Hard. What I Say When Loved Ones Die (Resources on Faith, Sickness, Grief and Doubt Book 6)
  7. Brian Spahr, Don’t You Care That We Are Drowning? (And Other Unexpected Prayers)  

The Postscript Book Series by P.S. Adair (Author)

The postscript of a letter.
That tiny bit at the end.
That might be exceedingly valuable.
The P.S. can reframe everything that came before. It stands out. It is the heart of the matter.

Like a P.S., death and grief can be that bit at the end. Grief and death are valuable, though often unconsidered. Last words from a dying loved one can reframe previous decades. And grief becomes the lens through which we see everything else.

We remember.
We grieve.
We love.

“What is grief, if not love persevering?”
-Marvel’s Wandavision

The Post-Script Book Series is a collection of six short stories. I will warn you that someone dies in every story. Often the character you like the most is the one who dies, or at least is devastated by grief.

These are not victory stories. They are meaningful stories. Just as, in life, we cannot always win. But we can always find meaning.

Grab a box of tissues. Each story takes an hour (or a little more) to read.

P.S. Adair

Titles in this series:
Book 1: Bethany’s Last Words
Book 2: Robert’s Last Tour
Book 3: Emma’s Empty Arms
Book 4: Toby’s Daughter Died
Book 5: Lori’s Voice
Book 6: George’s Final Gifts

Love Persevering: The Postscript Book Series