2020 Advent

The best way to forget 2020 is to remember it, thoughtfully. By walking through 2020 Advent with a guided journal, you’ll be more ready for Christmas. As a hospital chaplain, I can help.

It’s been an interesting year. We may need Advent to help us recover

Advent is a season to help us get ready for Christmas. By spending time slowing down our busy schedules, we can prepare our hearts and minds to remember Christ’s first coming and to anticipate the second. Or we can open calendar boxes with chocolate.

That’s in a usual year.

In 2020, all our routines have been disrupted. We could use some help with making sense of the year. And Advent is a perfect season for looking back and looking forward.

Giving a Year Meaning: A Healing Journal for Advent 2020 will walk us through this Advent with reflections and activities designed to help us find meaning and healing. Developed by a hospital chaplain, this journal gives us all the experiences that can help.

For a sample of the first two weeks, download it here:

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The four Sundays in Advent

November 29: Hope

December 13: Love

December 6: Peace

December 20: Joy

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