On Eulogies

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Eulogies are good words spoken or written following the death of a person. They summarize one or more aspects of the person’s life, talk about what the person meant to the speaker, and point to how our lives have been and can be changed. 

It’s not (necessarily) the funeral message, where we point to God, but when we know the person well, the two can overlap. 

Because most of us have opportunity to offer eulogies, whether at funerals or in conversations or in writing, finding examples can help. 

Rob Moll was a journalist and author who, among other things, wrote about dying. (I wrote about hi book, The Art of Dying in “Talking about talking about death“.) He died in a climbing accident in July, 2019. 

Because he was a journalist, some of his friends were journalists and editors. Reading their remembrances show us how to write about those who have taught us how to live, how to love, how to work. And they point to the importance of the work Rob did, helping people talk about dying. “A goodbye to a man who taught us how to look at death” by Bob Smietana.
“Remembering Rob Moll” by Ted Olsen

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