I couldn’t be there when they died.

These days, and all days, people die and family isn’t present. It’s particularly hard when rules keep people away. But sometimes it’s distance, sometimes it’s relationship, sometimes it’s timing. From […]

A conversation with a grief guy

Not me. I’m not the grief guy this time. This is actually a link to a podcast with Brene Brown. She’s interviewing David Kessler, who wrote a book with Elizabeth […]

Pastoral care at a distance

This list was started to support a webinar presentation on providing pastoral care during a time of quarantine. It will be updated regularly.  My premises: God is in the room […]

Funerals these days.

Life – and death – continue. Having just written about how to lead funerals and memorial services – and working in the hospital – we’re getting questions about what happens […]

The people behind the percentages.

I serve at Parkview Regional Medical Center as a chaplain. In that role, all the percentages become people. For example, when a treatment has a 99% success rate, we are […]

Remember your dress pants.

Last month, I released a book about how to lead funerals. The book was barely out and my friend Dan said, “Did you remind people to make sure they have […]