Behind the numbers are actual people.

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I don’t sell lots of books by most standards. Actual people, however, at times of curiosity or need do order what I’ve collected, and I’m grateful.

A year ago, in the month before funerals changed, I released a book about how to lead funerals and memorial services. (Here’s more about the book.) It has samples and steps and encouragement.

When I wrote it, I wanted to help people prepare to lead funerals in the future, but I particularly wanted to have a resource for those who have never led a service and have a couple days to get ready. In those moments, you can’t wait for a book to arrive, but you can use Kindle to download a copy. And you can use Kindle Unlimited to read it for free.

I get sales reports. Paperback and ebook orders are listed by number of books. I don’t know whether or not the purchaser ever actually reads the book. However, when someone orders using Kindle Unlimited, I see a list of the number of pages read.

By the way, I never see names for any of these (which is why I make general requests for reviews. If I knew who you were, I’d ask you directly (actually, I wouldn’t. I’m too shy for that.)).

Sometimes, during Advent and Lent for example, there are a few pages a day, as people read the daily readings. Occasionally, however, there will be a big spike in pages. Those spikes are most often connected to Giving a Life Meaning, the funeral book.

Though I don’t know for sure, I’m guessing that someone somewhere has never led a service and has a couple days to get it ready. They search Amazon, see this book, download it, and read quickly through it, looking for help.

Each time that happens, I smile, sometimes ask God to help them, and hope that they found the help they need in my words. And it’s a reminder to you and me that helping people one at a time in moments when they are helping others through difficult times is worthwhile.

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