The people behind the percentages.

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I serve at Parkview Regional Medical Center as a chaplain. In that role, all the percentages become people. For example, when a treatment has a 99% success rate, we are the ones who talk with the family members of the 1%, who went from being a risk to being a person. And now a person who left behind people who cared.

In the middle of all the debating of what percentage and how many and who’s creating what kind of panic, those of us in healthcare will be doing our best to provide care, not for percentages, but for faces. These restrictions from our health system may feel hard. But we’re already pretty busy each shift with the regular flow of patients, people like you, people that you love. And any percentage increase because of illness that could be prevented actually means more faces that we see.

I understand the arguments about other causes of death which we should care about, the 1000s of deaths from those. I understand them because I see them, one face at a time. I’d love to stop lots of behaviors which lead to our intensive care units and eventually to our morgue. So argue away about what we should do.

But please remember that after all the arguments and accusations are over, there are still faces with eyes closed and faces with tears. And one health system working on restrictions intended to help us and to help you. And a team of chaplains there all the time.

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