Lent for Non-Lent People

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Lent is the name for the seven weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

If you think Lent’s just about giving something up, it will be a long battle with willpower. But what if Lent’s actually about learning to follow God? 

Lent For Non-Lent People is a seven-week guide to learning to listen for God. In this short book, pastor and social media chaplain Jon Swanson helps readers use the season of Lent to learn to focus on God.
  • Learn how to break habits of distraction and busyness.
  • Learn how God spoke to a prophet in depression after a big event
  • Listen to Jesus talk to an ostracized woman, to a close friend, and to the enemy of our souls.

In the appendix, Jon shares his own story of Lent and the loss of a child.

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